Work addiction is overlooked, yet it is a common form of process addictions, particularly in the Western World. People that suffer from work addiction deal with their feelings of anxiety and depression through work.

They spend long hours working, are constantly worried about their job performance and lose sleep over work-related topics. They often take very little time for leisure and have little to no private life.

Similarly to someone who is struggling with a drug addiction, work addiction is best treated at one of the work addiction recovery clinics with specialised work addiction treatment facilities. These work addiction treatment centers, such as Highlands Recovery know how to help those affected by work addiction effectively.

A condition that is closely related to work addiction is occupational burnout, A burnout can be the result of long-term unaddressed high pressure and stress and work and very little work-life balance. Interestingly, the symptoms of people struggling with burnout are very similar to those affected by depression. Hence, taking part in burnout recovery programs at burnout treatment centers is recommended.