Rehabilitation Programs

Highlands Recovery was established to provide world class rehabilitation programs that makes a lasting difference in the lives of those suffering and affected.
Highlands Recovery provides a holistic rehabilitation programs that is essential to ensure ongoing recovery and healing. Our treatment programs are customized and tailored to the individual. We aim to assist clients to create self-awareness and connection, and to successfully re-integrate safely back into society as fully functioning people, free from fear and help decrease the chance of relapse.
The treatment at Highlands House is tailored to each clients individual needs. Our experienced team assists individuals suffering from addiction and trauma understand why they do what they do and what has lead them to seek treatment, the team works closely to help clients heal the hurt and work towards freedom and recovery.
One on one therapy sessions will always take place with your individual counsellor who is assigned to you at the very start of your treatment. They will see you for individual counselling sessions and assist you to process all painful feelings, behaviours and work with you to heal the hurt and guide you towards recovery.
Group Therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool for treatment. It is essential to your treatment process as it is not only your counsellors, but also your fellow community members that have a profound effect on your recovery. Fellow group members support each other in times of pain and trauma and help clients to grow in healthy ways.
BA psychoeducational group or lecture focuses on educating clients and to help them find healthy ways of coping and managing the symptoms, behaviors and consequences. Each session focuses on a certain topic During these sessions, participants will be able to have discussions and learn more about recovery.

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