When addressing mental health concerns, process addictions are often overlooked or misunderstood. Like other addictions, such as drug or alcohol dependency, process addictions involve some form of compulsion.

Many process addiction centers report that their clients struggle with all kinds of different compulsions, such as shopping addiction, sex addiction, eating disorders, work addiction, gaming or gambling addiction.

Similarly to when a drug addict consumes a drug, someone that is addicted to a process, such as gaming, feels joy and relief when engaging in said behaviour. Scientists have discovered that the reason behind that is the release of certain chemicals, such as serotonin, the human “happy hormone” in the person’s brain.

Process addictions are serious conditions and the cycle of addiction is often difficult to break, as certain behaviour that has become addictive, for example, compulsive eating, cannot be stopped completely. Rather, the person suffering from the addiction has to re-learn healthy habits at one of the available process addiction recovery clinics.

Highlands Recovery is one such process addiction treatment center and very experienced with process addictions. We run a multifaceted process addiction recovery program at our process addiction facilities. Dependant on the client’s individual needs, this may include inner child workshops, trauma counselling, lectures, family work, group work and dialectal behavioural therapy.

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