For people with serious medical conditions prescription medications can mean the difference between a healthy and happy life or an upsetting and painful illness.

Most people take their medications as prescribed buy their doctors but some people use prescription medications for reasons that have very little to do with illnesses.

If prescription drugs are taken for emotional issues without being overseen by a medical doctor, the only result of the drugs will be to hide the difficult feelings. You may be taking larger doses than were prescribed, or using them for reasons other than prescribed. The problem is just made worse as the person is not learning how to effectively cope with the particular feelings and issues at hand.

The abuse of prescription medication often has a negative impact on relationships, employment stresses and potential job loss, financial issues, legal issues, and physical and mental health problems.

Highlands Recovery is a leading rehabilitation center for people from all walks of life suffering with prescription drug abuse as well as other addictions. We work closely with our clients to help them make the necessary behaviour and emotional changes and to develop the tools to recover from prescription drug addiction.

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