Helping Hands is the registered NPO (Registration number 2017/536193/08), for Highlands Recovery and our overall philosophy is to fully treat and prepare clients from all walks of life for reintegration back into high risk communities.

All South Africans suffering from addiction should have the opportunity to receive quality addiction treatment. Many communities will never have this opportunity due to financial challenges.


Problem Statement

In South Africa only clients with medical aid or from privileged backgrounds can afford admittance into private rehabilitation centers with a proven track record, that employ qualified and experienced staff and run a program that treats a client holistically and as an individual. That leaves over 50% of our population with no option but to continue using or engage in substandard treatment that often causes more harm than good. This has a direct impact on our country and its economy and crime statistics.

Helping Hands can assist in narrowing this gap with its successful treatment programmes, clients acquire a solid Recovery base to re-integrate back into high risk communities as Recovery Ambassadors.


This project will ensure that our underprivileged population can have the opportunity to receive professional, long lasting assistance in their Addiction rehabilitation. With a strong solid Recovery base, clients will re-integrate back into society as productive contributing members of their communities, contributing to our economy and improving social structures.

Project Goals

Our goal as an NPO organization is to accomplish the following:

  • Raising funding for sponsorship of underprivileged South Africans suffering with all Addiction types.
  • Place clients in a reputable Addiction center with measurable success rates to achieve solid Recovery.
  • Assist clients in becoming Recovery Ambassadors thereby creating a ripple effect of Recovery in their own communities.

The project will also accomplish these additional goals:

  • Assist the families to secure an ongoing recovery process in a family context.
  • Assisting employers to secure an ongoing recovery process in a work context.

Project Activities

Helping Hands will include the following strategies:

For the client:

  • Addiction awareness program to the underprivileged high risk communities.
  • Advocacy against the use of any addictions and usage.
  • Professional interventions to place the client.
  • Monitoring of the clients on going recovery.
  • Family and employer assistance.
  • Aftercare for clients and family.

For the Company who sponsor:

  • Bi-monthly update on the client’s progress
  • Free monthly training and education for staff : Addiction & Life Skills
  • Discounted rate on inpatient treatment and counselling sessions


Helping Hands is an organization that can change the face of Addiction in the Western Cape. We are excited to partner with you to make this project a reality.

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