Gaming addiction is a rising mental health concern worldwide. Gaming addiction centers have been treating people affected by this illness for several years and, in 2018, the World Health Organization finally started listing ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental health disorder.

It is crucial that those affected by this illness seek help.

Often, it is not only the gamer that is affected by the addiction but also his or her loved ones. Family and friends of the addict often feel helpless, desperate and unsure how to behave. Gaming recovery programs offered by gaming treatment centers, such as Highlands Recovery, are effective ways to manage this addiction. Not only does Highlands Recovery help the client on his or her road to recovery, but we also assist family members when needed.

Gaming recovery centers typically offer treatments, such as the 12-step program, group work or psychotherapy, to those affected. Highlands Recovery is located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, are we offer first class gaming addiction facilities with experienced therapists and a unique program created with the clients individual needs in mind.

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