For many people, gambling is a social activity that can be fun on occasion. However, recreational gambling is different to someone with a gambling addiction, who suffers greatly.

The first signs of a gambling addiction might include being preoccupied with gambling, becoming withdrawn, depressed or easily irritable. It is also not uncommon that the person affected steals or borrows money from others, causing huge amounts of financial pressure to themselves and their loved ones.

Just like eating disorders, gambling addictions belong to the group of process addictions. Thus, a gambling addiction is a serious condition that needs to be treated by one of the available gambling recovery clinics. Gambling treatment centers, such as Highlands Recovery, provide a safe and professional environment for those who are willing to recover from this illness.

Moreover, Highlands Recovery is one of the few of South Africa’s highest quality Gambling addiction facilities that offers effective gambling recovery programs for those affected. Often, gambling addition centers only offer one specific treatment for people suffering from all addictions. Highlands Recovery, however, is not one of those gambling recovery centers. Our skilled staff are able to choose from a number of different modalities and we tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

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