One of the worlds largest health concerns is the abuse of alcohol. Aspects, such as individual’s genetic predisposition to addictive behaviour as well as their social and cultural environment also play a huge role.

The increasing number of alcohol addiction may be the reason for the rising amount of alcohol abuse recovery centers. Alcohol addiction centers that specialise in alcohol abuse are effective in breaking the cycle of addiction. .

Stopping drinking is really just the first step in a comprehensive treatment for alcohol abuse. It is essential that it is followed up with therapy that is designed to help you reclaim your dignity, restore you to health, assist in rebuilding relationships, prepare you to return to work, and otherwise make you a whole person, capable of living life to the fullest.

Highlands Recovery is a holistic alcohol treatment center that runs alcohol recovery programs for people that struggle with alcohol addiction. What makes us stand out from other alcohol recovery centers is the fact that we offer a wide range of other alcohol abuse treatment programs, such as trauma counseling and inner child work. We tailor make our programs to suit the individual.

Our alcohol abuse recovery facilities are located in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Our luxurious alcohol addiction facilities stand out from other alcohol recovery clinics as we not only offer a highly effective treatment programme, but also stunning views, a pool and a tranquil environment that are specifically designed for your recovery.


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