Highlands Recovery offers an outstanding rehabilitation programme for substance abuse, alcoholism, trauma and process addictions. Our programmes are structured to facilitate our clients individual needs, ensuring that they receive the necessary care to assist with their ongoing recovery process.

Highland’s is the only ScoreCard based facility in the world, pioneering this truly extraordinary online neuropsychological screening that identifies the origins of peoples self-destructive thinking – often not revealed via extensive traditional therapies. The results are combined with a detailed Biopsychological Evaluation to ensure we create a unique treatment plan for you that goes straight to the heart of your specific profile from day one.


What we do

Highlands Recovery offers extended in-patient primary treatment, secondary care, tertiary care, sober living and out-patient rehabilitation programmes. Highlands Recovery is an abstinence-based programme. The 12 steps are an integral part of our treatment philosophy. Our unique R.E.A.L programme © encompasses extended primary, secondary, tertiary, sober living and aftercare, offering support to our clients and their families every step of the way.


The highest level of treatment is offered by a multidisciplinary team, consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counsellors and recovery assistants. Highlands Recovery is dedicated to each client and their individual journey to recovery. In addition to our group therapy, lectures and individual sessions ,we provide therapeutic activities essential to our program and the health of our clients such as trauma release exercise, meditation, music therapy, art therapy, gardening groups, mountain hikes and volunteer programs.



To offer a bespoke individual treatment plan for each client on assessment. We have a commitment to rebuilding and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. We facilitate clients reintegration back into society, supported by on-going treatment through our comprehensive aftercare program.

Our vision is to heal the roots and scars of addiction in all suffering from this illness.


Our Word Class Facility

programmes available for

Drug Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Gaming Addiction

Prescription Medication

Psychiatric Disorders

So many rehabs, so many police cells.....I had given up believing I would ever find recovery…..

I lay in the holding cells crying and praying down on my knees. I could not comprehend going into another treatment centre where they would completely break me down and demoralise me. "Tough Love" they call it. I remember praying, begging for a miracle and some way out. I prayed for God to send the right people into my life, people who would not break me down, but lift me up. Then the miracle happened and my mom got hold of a Highlands Constantia staff member.

At Highlands with the help of my Loving God aka Higher Power and the amazing staff and support that never ends, I found my feet again, I found my way and I'm learning about myself on this journey of self discovery and I'm learning how to live life on life's terms. I thank you Highlands for being a part of my journey thus far and helping to salvage the small piece of my soul that was left when I rocked up your doorstep broken as could be ... my little glimmer of hope has turned into a massive beam of light and for that I will be eternally grateful to Highlands Constantia.

- AM

When I was admitted to Highlands House I was more than a wreck. And truly had no desire to live.

I found the staff to be incredibly gentle and able to guide me in my process of learning how to regain and take control of my life.
The programme meets each individual where they are at. (What works for one person may not work For everyone). And they are absolutely amazing in this regard. The counsellors are wonderful. They each have their own speciality and compliment each other in a wonderful way. They work together like the inside of a clock.

- DP

Big THANKS to all at HIGLANDS HOUSE for all your love and support. You guys really go above and beyond. HH really became my home, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. Thanks for having faith in me while I found my own! Forever grateful.

- LC

Oh you wouldn’t believe that highlands recovery house is a life saver.

I have always ran away from many treatment centers and I always would use drugs , gamble and drink the minute I had the opportunity for twenty one years . In so , I never recognized that I had a problem. Seven months ago, I flew from home, sixteen hours away and thousands of kilometers to South Africa, city of Cape town. I was beaten, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally defeated. I had still unconscious reservations, that I could come to Highlands House, spend a month and deliberately prove to my family that I tried and that no human power can save me from my addiction.

I never trusted another soul where money is involved, businesses - treatment centers where I thought they would use my financial means in their favors and against my own interests - I was wrong , trust me - God is my witness!

During my Six months stay at Highlands House, today I’m two hundred and ten days clean and sober. I never thought that I would be a living proof that it’s possible to recover and to find a new way of life. Thanks to the twelve step program, my higher power and to Highlands Recovery House for their unconditional love, emotional support and care.

Recently I believe that my higher power works in miraculous ways or else I wouldn’t be in the right place - Highlands, at the right time, with the most brilliant and experienced people - owners, counselors, staff, recovery assistant, local patients and internationals. I feel today speechless for the gratitude I have to Highlands and I’m thankful for them- showing me a new way of life, happiness, joy and inner peace.

To the struggling addicts , there is hope and a new way of life - contact Highlands and trust in them !
So much love, respect and appreciation to my journey at Highlands House. Always in my heart

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